E-commerce Catalog Management Challenges to Know

For the corporate sector, it is no news that the e-commerce industry is growing immensely. And as the online stores and their business grows, major challenges are bound to follow.

When you own an online business, whether a recent or a well-established one, the challenges remain nearly the same. One such hurdle that every e-commerce business has to face is Catalog Management. Without effective catalog management, you cannot ensure easy access to your products online, you cannot improve conversions or even make your site credible to the customers.

Introduction to Catalog Management

Catalog management in an e-commerce business is defined as the process that is carried out to generate accurate product data. It is done to make sure that the customers are made aware of what you are offering them.

The problem with catalog management is that when the number of products gets too much, it becomes significantly harder to keep track of. And once you start to lag, you fail to keep up with the correct format and target the right marketplace, etc.

This is why many businesses, small and big are opting for a data entry outsourcing company. These experts who can assist you with your catalog management needs can boost your site’s customer experience, SEO, workflow all with catalog management.

Challenges faced in Catalog Management

  • Keeping the Product List Updated

E-commerce catalog management’s prime elements include updating your product list. This is an everyday task as the product’s price keeps on fluctuating, new products are added regularly, etc. It means for your online business, you could spend a fair amount of your time updating your website’s SKUs. Updating your product list day in and day out is not only stressful but also takes away your attention from other important work.

  • Standardizing Product Catalog Management

Further, standardizing your product catalog management is utterly crucial for an e-commerce business. It is done to ensure that the customers are facilitated with a similar experience throughout. After you categorize different products, you can display precise information about a product that a customer is looking for. Otherwise, you might have to manually organize the products for different audiences and even the sales medium like social media, online store, and more.

  • Duplicate Listing

One of the most common challenges is duplicate listing. As mentioned, the online business has advanced noticeably and sellers are doing anything and everything to beat their competitors. Duplicate listing is the number one of these tricks. Although the duplicate listing is not allowed for a product that is already there, sellers are doing it to get a higher ranking. Therefore, for your old listed product, gaining organic ranking will require more effort than usual to get conversions.

  • Considering Different Audiences

For your extensive range of products, you are going to find a variety of audiences online. So, e-commerce businesses have multiple catalogs for these audiences. Many businesses forget to consider the audience of each catalog leading to similar content that can further affect your business when offering bulk pricing for B2B customers. Hence, you must double-check the information for different catalogs according to their audience.

Solution for Catalog Management Challenges

For all these given challenges and more, there is one simple yet powerful solution. Hire a data entry outsourcing to take care of your entire catalog management requirements. This way you do not have to worry about the product data’s size or anything else. You can hand over these tasks to your outsourcing professionals who will take it from there saving your time and effort.

Computyne is an experienced and affordable data entry outsourcing company that can offer you reliable e-commerce catalog management services and more. Reach out to them now and help your online business grow effectively beating all the competition.

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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Catalog Management Services?

E-commerce has grown and expanded a lot in the past years. The customers now demand a rich and efficient online customer service experience that can help them make an informed choice and a buying decision. To cater to this demand of their customers, the sellers adopt the multichannel selling approach to get hold of a larger target audience and target market. To achieve that, they rely on effective catalog management services. It helps in attracting more and more customers. It is something that the sellers can not ignore and is the lifeblood of any e-commerce store.

Outsource Catalog Management

But, e-commerce catalog management is not an easy task. It is time-consuming and complex at the same time. That is why businesses are constantly outsourcing catalog management. They do it to ensure that product management is done in a timely and seamless manner. E-commerce websites have to constantly update and refurbish their product lists to maintain the quality and variety of their e-commerce store. Playing with your online reputation can affect your business reputation. Instead of relying on an inexperienced team, it is better to outsource the catalog management operations to professionals. Data processing, data management, and data entry companies can help you with these operations.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Catalog Management?

Here are some of the key advantages of outsourcing your business’ catalog management operations: –

Data Consistency

  • It is very crucial to maintain updated information across your e-commerce channels. But it can get difficult to take care of the ever expanded catalog and manage it accurately and effectively, and that too in an SEO-friendly manner and by displaying correct information of the products and services. Updating is necessary to maintain consistent, rich, and accurate product descriptions. Without effective catalog management, it can get difficult for the sellers to maintain their e-commerce stores with consistency. Outsourcing allows you to maintain the information of all the products you are selling, category-wise across all the platforms, effortlessly.

Rich Customer Experience

  • A well-maintained e-commerce catalog is not only good for a rich customer experience but is also hugely responsible for the buying decisions of the customer. With well-written product descriptions that are detailed and accurate, you can increase the sales of your brand. Updated and accurate information builds the trust of the people. Also, an updated e-commerce catalog will make it easy for the users to find your product and quickly make a purchase. It can even lead to the seller being the preferred choice among the customers.

Business Growth

  • Catalog management done right can provide an unparallelly advantage to the sellers. But the market is aggressively competitive. Therefore, you will only be benefited if you outsource these operations. The third-party channels can help you create appropriate designs and layouts as per your customers’ preferences. They will also help you with a rich and immersive catalog that stands out in the crowd. It will lead to higher conversion and an increase in the growth of your business.

Catalog Management Via Multiple Channels

  • If you are using more than one e-commerce platform for selling your products, you must be under a lot of pressure. Cataloging the products in high quality across the platforms is complex and time-consuming. Further, each platform will have its criteria that you will need to work accordingly. If you miss a point by doing it yourself or getting it done by the inexperienced staff, you might lose a valuable customer instantly. The chance of the customer revisiting your page will also be limited, which will affect your business negatively.


Giving adequate time to all your business operations is crucial to maintain efficiency and a smooth workflow. That is why business companies need outsourcing. If you are looking for a trustworthy outsourcing company for catalog management, data entry, or other business operations, contact Computyne.

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