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Computyne offers fully managed shipping & logistics outsourcing services from freight bill pre-audit processing to post-audit freight service. Improve your customer satisfaction scores by empowering customer needs.

Proficient Ledger Management and Bill of Lading Processing

The Shipping & Logistics industry is a significant element for effective supply chain management and is consistently evolving. While as an industry, Shipping & Logistics faces many challenges and is as unpredictable as the weather.

Due to the uncertain economic environment and rising fuel costs, the Shipping & Logistics companies opt for outsourcing to optimize costs and increase profitability. Before you start outsourcing your Shipping & Logistics operations to an outsourcing partner, here’s what you need to know.

Outsourcing Shipping & Logistics services help the business concentrate on its leading services and keep long-run relations with potential clients. Computyne’s back-office solutions for Shipping & Logistics firms facilitate business pioneers optimize prices and obtain significance in supply chain processes.

Outsource Logistics & Shipping Back-Office Task

We ensure that client values, security, and quality of our services stay intact while delivering Shipping & Logistics back-office services. Our expertise within the Shipping & Logistics world helps our consumer handle and decrease the price of product delivery and lessens overhead.

Bill of Landing Data Entry Services

Freight Invoice Processing Services

Overcharge Evaluation

Post-Audit Services for Freight Payment

Shipping Bill Processing

Logistics Data Entry Services

Logistics Document Data Entry

Shipping Document Data Entry

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