Engagement Models

We are dedicated to helping our clients to lift competence and lessen expenses by providing quality & precise data entry, and data processing solutions.

Dedicated Resource (FTE) Model

With selecting this model, you get dedicated resources or an individual who is solely assigned to your project. When you opt for a team, a back-office supervisor works as your devoted point of contact and reports to you. Each FTE (full-time equivalent) resource keeps you posted with reports on a daily or monthly basis, so you can monitor the daily output and track task status.

Clearly defined SLAs, along with fixed fees, enhance a high level of sureness to the process where you know that what you will get when you get it, and how much it will cost. With our process maturity and proficiency, we employ this model for large, listed companies as well as small businesses and start-ups.

Estimated Pricing

No worries of cost escalation as you pay monthly costs that are fixed before starting the projects.


Our infrastructure allows us to serve you round the clock 24×7 according to your geographical time zones and that also with a flexiblity of deploying more resources at any time.

Partnership Approach

Partnering with your association, we are always devoted to better decision making and achieving high-end results.

Economies of Scale

This model works perfect and is economical than an hourly model for the businesses who have medium to high level volumes of work.

Ready to Go

This model allows setting up or hiring additional sources anytime in the urgency of a project, with flexibility in the cost structure.

Volume-Based Pricing Model

Volume-based pricing models can be helpful to clients with a high level of maturity in business process outsourcing. The success of this engagement model is dependent on the capability to estimate the volume of the data process and the average time needed to process them. The costs are linked straight with the number of volumes handled, with a price per volume that is based on a specified band of size.

We usually offer this model to businesses that have a high level of clearness on these aspects, or we work with clients for a few months on the FTE model to evaluate these factors before proceeding.


High level of flexibility in pricing as you pay only for the volume processed agreed upon the SLA.


Monitor costs, gain higher visibility in pricing, and ramp up or rearrange staff for optimal cost and efficiency balance.

Reduced Costs

Volume-based pricing can help increase efficiency and reduce the cost per transaction, thereby reducing overall costs.

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