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Why is Data Collection Important for Your Business Insights?

Quality data is an essential factor for each business process, market entrance, client relationship, business investment, and for all goals and purposes for better decision making across all levels of the organization. Along these lines, associations need to invest into solidifying their master data resources.

Effective business pioneers have consistently depended on some type of data to enable them to decide. Data collection used to include manual data gathering, for example, conversing with clients up close and personal or taking overviews by means of telephone, mail, or face to face. Whatever the procedure, the businesses needs to comprehend their clients and market better by doing data collection manually. Because of the cost, time, trouble of execution, numerous organizations worked with inadequate data.

Indeed, even startup companies also produce data. Every company which has a social or online presence, a website, etc. has data about their clients, user experience and many more, actually all that data is full of potential and can be used to enhance your company’s decisions if you know how to utilize it.

Whether you had an under-performing marketing drive or your sales are not good from last few months, how would you identify what turned out badly or was not as effective? Trying to discover the purpose behind under performance without data resembles attempting to hit the bulls eye on a dartboard with your eyes shut.

Benefits of Data Collection

Today, gathering data to assist you to better comprehend your clients and markets is simple. Here are a few major reasons of using data collection that can benefit any company.

  • Assists you understand performance
  • Helps you to identify and resolve problems
  • Quality data make better resolutions
  • Helps you improve processes
  • Aids you to know consumers and therefore the market

How Data Collection Help Business

Have you at any point considered how your employees, division, organization, marketing campaigns, customer service, shipping, or other parts of your organization are doing? Gathering and inspecting data can demonstrate to you the execution of this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In case you don’t know about the performance of your team or your marketing, in what capacity will you know whether your money is being put to great utilize, or then again if it’s acquiring more money than you devote?

Even small to medium businesses can have the same benefits as larger organizations when using data the right way. Businesses can harness data to:

  • Find new clients
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enhance client service
  • Better oversee marketing efforts
  • Track web-based social networking interaction
  • Foresee sales patterns

Data encourages you to comprehend and enhance business processes so you can diminish wasted money and time. Each organization feels the impacts of waste. It goes through assets that could be better spent on different things, and at last affects your main target.

Today, maintaining your business with the assistance of data is the new standard. In case you’re not utilizing data to direct your business into the future, you will end up being a business of the past. Luckily, the advances in data preparing and representation make developing your business with data simpler to do. To just visualize your data and get the insights you have to push your organization into the future, you need Computyne’s data collection services.

Looking for a data collection outsourcing partner?

Why Outsource Data Collection to Computyne?

Computyne is focused on giving arrangements and taking care of data collection problems. Computyne’s data services abilities, combined with the best state of the art ways to deal with the data, are an answer that will spare your time and funds. There are endless stories of clients who have utilized Computyne to make that effectiveness, straightforwardness, and responsibility said prior.

Braced with profound industry learning and aptitude in overseeing data through its whole life-cycle, combined with extensive administration offerings and demonstrated reputation, Computyne conveys business value to a many of world’s driving organizations, helping them proficiently use their data in key business decisions and processes.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Office Assistant

If you’re lacking time and have more work to deal on a regular basis, which is taking back you and your business progress, then you must opt for hiring a Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant offers numerous services to businesses from their remote location. A virtual assistant can do nearly anything as per your requirements.

  • Virtual Email and Live Chat Support
  • Data Collection Assistance
  • eCommerce Support Assistance
  • Calendar Management Assistance
  • Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Data Entry Assistance
  • Internet Research Assistance
  • Project Management Assistance

What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant?

If you are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant and not sure about the benefits of it, then this article can help you out. We’ve gathered 5 of the most convincing advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Below are the top 5 advantages of having a virtual assistant on board.

1. Reduce Operating Cost

  • Hiring a virtual assistant, you don’t have to bother for taxes, holiday leaves and other benefits that you generally have to provide to a full-time employee.
  • You don’t have to pay for the overtime to a virtual assistant as you do when you hire an employee in your office.

2. Saves Time

  • It’s always a lengthy and laborious task to hire the right candidate for your needs, as first, you have advertised that you are hiring. Afterwards, you have to wait for getting the applications and then selecting the best candidate after multiple levels of interviews.
  • When you hire a virtual assistant you don’t need to spend time and money for training them as they are proficient in their fields, only need to have short training with one time instructions so they can have a better idea of your requirements.

3. Increase efficiency

  • Virtual Assistants can work remotely from their workplace, providing support to their clients.
  • By hiring a virtual assistant for your non-core tasks, one can save their precious time on focusing on their decision making business activities.

4. Improved scalability

  • Virtual assistants can help you to scale up your operation anytime as you can hire them at any point in your business scale.
  • In case of less work or scale down at any time, you can relieve the hired virtual assistant, while it’s not feasible to do with your in-house employee.

5. Improved work quality

  • From checking emails to managing calendars and answering phones, a virtual assistant can help to save your valuable time.
  • You can be more productive and dedicate the time to growing your business and doing the marketing activities for the same.


In conclusion, virtual assistants if engaged wisely to your non-core tasks, can be a huge profit to your business. They help you to reduce processing costs, and there is no risk of hiring new virtual assistants at any moment when there is any surge in work, you can also end the contract at the times of less work without dealing with any legal problem. As a business owner, the main thing to your success is to have a team that is flexible and supports you, and a virtual assistant can help you in that.

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How Data Processing is Helping Businesses Grow?

In today’s dynamic business scene, operating effectively needs for consistent advancement. Business development frames a key component of this advancement. For extension prospects, it is required to have a top to bottom knowledge of one’s industry in general and close rivals specifically. What’s more, organizations additionally need a reasonable learning of important insights like preceding year’s benefit, assets assigned to various departments of the business etc.

To know about exceedingly significant statistics, it is vital for associations to have a database. Keeping up an appropriate database includes data extraction from countless handwritten records, forms, invoices, and so forth. This often makes it a tedious undertaking. On the off chance, if you feel that keeping up records takes excessively profitable time of your workforce which could be utilized for other vital business exercises, online data processing organizations can facilitate this undertaking for you.

The act of outsourcing data processing jobs, for example, data entry, data processing, and data cleansing are accepted by companies globally due to the complications of executing these tasks inside in the company.

Difficulties that Organizations Look by Executing Data Processing In-House

Performing particular errands on a set of information or on a database is needed while doing data processing. Data processing is the task of arranging information from different sources. For an organization or a business, this undertaking is to a great degree significant as it creates sorted out data that is straightforward.

Organizations choose to utilize electronic techniques for data processing to enhance the preciseness of data set as manual handling is extremely time taking. For various organization verticals like healthcare, transportation, food & beverage, banking, and education etc. the significance of data processing is essential as they need to take care of enormous quantity of data on daily basis.

  • Indulging your employees’ time in data processing tasks
  • Unable to focus on the company’s main affairs
  • Increase in expenses due to the in-house team’s set-up & training
  • No affirmation of precision and achievement of turnaround time
  • The inflexibility of execution in sudden need of ramping up the team
Sorts of Data Processing Tasks that can be Outsourced
  • Invoice Processing
  • Resume Processing/Formatting
  • Order Processing
  • Database Management
  • Survey and Form Processing
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Looking for an outsourcing partner to avoid data processing errors?

Data Processing Services are Very Important Due to Below Benefits

1. Better Execution & Cost Reduction

  • Easiness of generating statistical reports helps the employees to better execute their work and increase their efficiency with less work. The cost of digitized handling is substantially lesser than that of overseeing and keeping up paper archives, thus the companies are able to spare huge of money by just opting for data processing.

2. Precision and Speed

  • A large number of documents can be handled in less time as digitization makes the work of processing the data rapidly. The data processing framework itself checks and deals with any data errors or mistakes. Such procedures, therefore enable organizations to guarantee a high precision in data administration.

3. The Simplicity of Making Reports

  • With the help of processed data, professionals can easily prepare statistical reports so it helps in taking the right decisions to achieve the goals and to have quick analysis.

4. Less Paperwork

  • Data processing minimizes the use of paper and supports organization their paper management as most of the data is accessible in digitalized form, and that’s why it’s one of the main benefits of data processing.

5. Best Solution for Start-ups

  • Start-ups can outsource their non-core parts of their work so that they can save important man-hours and funds to improve their core decisions and their service strategies. In this way, data processing empowers SMEs and start-ups to save their time and money proficiently.
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Data Entry Services a Boon for Corporates

Data entry services these days play a foremost role by serving nearly every business in completing tasks much quicker, it also empowers them for organizing data in an enhanced way with greater quality. When companies initially started data entry it took away a lot of their time which almost hindered the growth of many companies.

When companies invest on hiring an in-house team it took away a lot of their time and investment which almost hold back their growth. Manually entering and converting data requires an in-house team to invest a major amount of time into their daily schedule.

Hiring a team entirely for data entry is a big distress as the return on money invested made on such divisions are actually none and the total expenses on such an in-house team are comparatively very high.

So what is the way out for such circumstances?

Data is what every company relates to and works on; every division requires data organized to see the developments or to do their research and further tasks, this is where the idea of data entry outsourcing comes into the picture.

How an organization selects to outsource is a subject to the nature of industry the company works, as data entry services can be outsourced offshore as well as within the country itself.

An offshore data entry service is moderately economical and the competition is pretty high between data entry service providers in India. Higher the competitions better it is for a client as they get a chance to choose from a good number of data entry companies in India, every client can filter companies on the basis of their budget, turnaround time and the quality of work.

Get affordable and accurate data entry services

What do you get when you outsource?

Different types of data entry services are handled by the data entry providers. Among them includes data conversion, data processing, image processing, image editing and enhancement, and photo manipulation services.

Some of the examples of data processing services are as forms processing, check processing, data cleaning and mining, OCR clean up, and insurance claim processing.

Data entry providers also perform data conversion services such as XML conversion, CAD conversion, HTML conversion, PDF conversion, book conversion, and catalog conversion. Both online and offline data capture services are offered.

Depending on the requirement of the client, the final outputs are provided on a number of formats. Some of the typical formats include database format, word document form, text format, Excel, HTML format, binary or ASCII.

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