Invoice Data Entry into Restaurant Expense Management Software

Client Profile:

The Company: B2B Fintech
Location: Singapore
Industry: Food & Beverages

The Objective:

Based in Singapore, our client is a leading F&B platform provider to restaurants, which helps them to handle their paperwork, likes invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders, etc. they needed someone to handle their back-end needs of data entry from the scanned invoices, receipt, purchase orders and sales orders. That can’t be processed through their platform’s optical character recognition.

The Challenges:
  • The client used to receive around 3000 invoices and purchase orders on a daily basis from their restaurant clients, from which approx. half of the images were hard to process through OCR, so we needed to process 1500 to 2000 images in real-time on a daily basis.
  • Many of the receipts and invoices were in handwritten format, so it was a tough job to read and process them.
  • We also had to deal with receipts in foreign languages other than English.
  • The format of receipts and invoices varied from each supplier to supplier so for some cases we had to keep in touch with the client’s staff for any questions.
  • As the nature of the task was real-time, we had to process all the received receipts on the same day to meet the client’s 24-hour deadline SLA.
General Benefits:
  • We made sure to process all the invoices received in a day which helped the client to have more work from their clients, resulting increase in clients revenue.
  • Using our services helped the client’s in-house staff to get rid of tedious and time-consuming tasks and enabled them to concentrate on high-value activities.
  • We arranged expert resources to make sure the task is done with quality and in a timely manner.
The Solutions:
  • We used dedicated training rooms to train the whole team with the specific guidelines provided by the client on each field and invoices.
  • We created custom shift timings as per the client’s need to match the client’s time zone.
  • We made sure to have enough experienced users on the project so that the daily workloads are done without getting any backlog or delay in delivery time.
  • The initial training which was given to the team, lead to a better output of the data captured by the team.
Technology / Software Used:
  • Invoice Process Web-Based Application
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