How to Extract Product Data from Ecommerce Websites

The ongoing trend of brands moving their businesses to the online platforms has hiked the competition for providing the best prices in the e-commerce world. This calls for a high demand in tools and ways to extract product data to be the best in the industry.

Why is web scraping important for ecommerce?

There is no doubt that prices are the key to make your business a success. When people look up online for any product, they tend to go to consider various factors such as product ratings, prices, customer reviews, loyalty programs , etc, that affects the quality of a business. With tools that extract product data from the key e-commerce stores, the competitors can benefit a lot. They get to understand what necessary changes they need to make in their own strategies to achieve better results in the market.

Web scraper tools help in extracting data from leading e-commerce websites and incorporate required practices in your own enterprise. This is a great way for businesses to involve product optimization as it provides optimum results and helps in narrowing down the sets of product variations. All of this play a crucial role in deciding whether a certain discount offer or any other plan would work or not. It serves as a great way to transform the future of any business by retrieving much required details to make their name shine.

The data could be present in any form such as; tables, texts, graphics, semi-texts, etc. And there are various ways to extract product data, which includes; Manually copy-pasting the data, HTTP Programming, HTML Parsing, Vertical Aggregation, Computer-based webpage analysis, etc.

Benefits of web scraping

The practice of web scraping helps businesses with the price battle by letting them perform an in-depth analysis of sales trend history of leading e-commerce websites. Web scraper technique provides quick updates in terms of a product’s performance rate in the market. By reading the analytical reports, one can easily determine the future of any product. It also helps by understanding the resource requirements with the latest industry norms. They are great for lead generation and integrated solutions for the new business set ups.

Looking for a web scraping partner?

How to extract product data from ecommerce websites?

There are various ways in which you can go ahead with the extraction process of online data on an e-commerce website. Each of them varies in terms of pricing and intensity. You can choose as per your requirements and the scope of project you are working on.

1. Building customized web scraper: Python, C# and more

  • The automated web scraping tool that is tailor-made to provide you customized results for your business is highly beneficial. It ensures quick data collection that is concentrated on your business requirements and crawls data from the leading organizations from your business niche. It ensures relevant information that is solely made for you. A web scraper can be created with Python, C#, Selenium libraries that offer great support. BeautifulSoup is a python based framework that is highly recommended for web scraping requirements. Even if you are a novice without any knowledge about programming, there are several easy-to-use tools that you can check out for amazing results.

2. Invest in third party scraping tools

  • There are various web crawlers tools to extract product data from the e-commerce websites. If you are new to the world of data scraping then there are various third-party tools that you can purchase for high-end advanced solutions.
  • You can check out and select from a variety of options including; Octoparse, Mozenda, Crawlmonster, Parsehub, etc. But, before jumping straight into using the tool, it is a must to go through the web pages of e-commerce businesses in your competition and closely notice their HTML structure. Then, finally begin with your web scraper tool’s application.

3. Hire a professional programmer from online platforms

  • In case you lack skill-set of coding, programming and wondering how to extract product data, then do not worry. There are various ways in which you can perform data mining for your business. Some business owners do not wish to handle data crawlers by themselves. In this case, you can always hire a professional programmer or developer to do the job for you. There are several benefits this strategy serves.
  • These people are experts at their work and have years of experience. Professional data scraping experts understand the industry trends and they are well-versed with the techniques that are essential to make your business stand out. There are platforms such as Fiverr, Peopleperhour, etc., where you can find freelancers that provide web scraping services and help you with web scraper services at different prices. You can hire someone with good recommendations.

4. Outsource web scraping

  • If you are looking for a competitive option for your business, it is wide to consider the option to outsource web scraping responsibilities to a company that is proficient at it. Such services have efficient infrastructure to provide you the best solutions. They know how to deal with a certain query and maintain data quality. They are experienced data scraping professionals having a widened industry experience. These companies are expert at scraping data through manual as well as automated ways.
  • Data mining outsourcing services work by extracting various minor to major information like address, phone number, product details, rating, customer experience, reviews, department, country, etc. You can always contact them in case of confusion and stay carefree as you will be getting custom-made solutions for your business venture.


Product data extraction is a powerful way to upscale the growth of any business. You just have to be careful and stay updated with the most recent norms of the business you are working for. E-commerce websites like Amazon, E-bay, etc. are the king of the industry and understanding their business patterns deeply with the help of web scraper technological advancements can help you sky-rocket the sales chart the smart way.
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