Offline Data Entry Services

Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry outsourcing services

Data entry is a tedious and time-taking task that can eliminate profitable time from your center abilities. Computyne is one of India’s leading data entry service providers with over a decade of extensive experience in catering to the offline data entry needs of enterprises across verticals.
As a part of offline data entry services, we utilize the Double Keying System, where the data entry of same data is entered by two specialists to diminish frequency of mistakes. Subsequently, our Quality Assurance (QA) experts lead customary checks to confirm the exactness of information and guarantee that the yield is without error.
We have faster turnaround time delivering the projects with 99.95% precision and secured data.

Computyne smart Offline data entry services

Computyne offers a widespread range of offline data entry services. We provide personalized and worthwhile packages based on the organization's requirements. Our services include the following:

Offline data collection
Offline form processing
URL list collection
Data entry of books and document
Lease documents data entry
Employee data maintenance
E-books data entry
Data entry from websites and image files
Offline entry of insurance claims
Handwritten documents, text
Invoice, orders, bills, receipts data entry
Catalog data entry
Data entry banking documents
Data entry payroll processing
Data entry into database programs

Who can benefit from Computyne online data entry services?

In addition to large, listed corporations and SMEs, we also serve smaller businesses and start-ups for which it is not feasible to set up or focus on setting up an in-house team for offline data entry tasks. Our offline data entry basically comprise gathering data from different sources, for example legal documents, business cards, insurance forms, hospital documents, feedback forms, company reports and documents and so on, and entering data in anticipated file format such as MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, MS Access, or whatever other offline databases required to client.

Choose Computyne for hassle-free online data entry outsourcing

The Computyne advantage
With over a decade’s experience of serving the clients across the globe with optimal level of success ratio in project completion we try to go out of the box to help you achieve your goals. With Computyne you get industry’s best skilled experts who always long to get the job done right for you.
Guaranteed cost savings
We make sure to provide cost-efficient services to our clients and they usually save up to 40% when they outsource their data needs to Computyne. Let us show you what true professional Outsourcing company is all about.
Unparalleled flexibility
Our infrastructure allows us to serve you round the clock 24x7 according to your geographical time zones and that also with a flexiblity of deploying more resources at any time. Our team is adaptable enough to satisfy the specific demands of your project.
Smart professionals
Our team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success to the company. Their extensive exposure to the workings of international markets helps them clearly understand the global perspectives of our customers.
Detailed reporting
With our detailed reporting and KPIs in hand, you will have the confidence and the understanding to prepare for whatever lies ahead for your business and the intelligence to make fast decisions.
State-of-the art IT infrastructure
The idea of "Quality at Every Stage" is what drives every project schedule here at Computyne. Every project, every document and every proposed methodology is put to rigorous testing and reviews across the services we operate.

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