Creating Media Contact Database for Marketing Company

Client Profile:

The Company: Marketing Company
Location: USA
Industry: Digital Marketing

The Objective:

Here the client needed support to create a media contact database for healthcare industry for which he wanted to do mass mailing.

General Benefits:
  • Search the suitable media contacts which suit our client’s requirement and would subscribe to his blogs and articles.
  • Writing and proofreading his articles content so it sounds good to the media contacts and in order they make the decision to subscribe him.
The Solutions:
  • We did research and collated healthcare media contacts from the top healthcare magazines and blogs.
  • We also searched sites like LinkedIn, and other directories to collect the media contacts.
  • After completing the database, we verified it from the client and later did mass emailing to the contacts and received confirmation if they were interested to subscribe our client’s articles.
Technology / Software Used:
  • We Used Google Searches, LinkedIn And Other Sources For Fetching Media Contacts
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