Resume Data Collection from Handshake and Other Online Portal

Client Profile:

The Company: Staffing Consulting
Location: USA
Industry: Human Resources and Recruiting

The Objective:

Based in the United States, our client needed to extract student resumes from hundreds of different websites. They needed to do the task twice a year and as it was a colossal task we helped them by forming a team of 40 users for a month to meet the deadline.

The Challenges:
  • The deadline was too short compared to the man-hours needed to execute the project.
  • We had to deal with a huge number of websites and portals to get the data, and as all of them had different layouts it needed pre-planning of resources to work on them.
  • We had to create various small teams and also had to split the work to cope up with the deadline.
  • The task also involved thorough web research for the student’s accurate and fresh details.
  • We had to keep daily track of the progress and quality check of the completed data.
General Benefits:
  • Due to multi-layered QC and audits, the output data was accurate and in the desired format.
  • The in-house staff at the client’s end was unconstrained in the resume data collection task and helped them to focus on other core functions of the project.
  • We made sure to have the irrelevant and duplicates removed from the outputs, which helped clients to map the data to their systems without any flaws.
The Solutions:
  • We created a team of 40 users along with a team of QC and audits.
  • As the nature of the project was complex, we selected well-experienced users to work on the tasks which helped us to get the proficient output.
  • Used state of the art technologies to support our staff getting the project done.
  • Made sure to provide adequate training to the team so they can be on track with the deadline.
Technology / Software Used:
  • MS Excel, Web Browsers, Adobe Acrobat Applications Along With Customized Automation Bots
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