Optimized Payroll Processes for Digital Marketing Agency

Client Profile:

The Company: Digital Marketing Agency
Location: Australia
Industry: Digital Marketing

The Objective:

Our client is a top digital marketing agency with multiple offices and they were looking for a payroll management solution one year ago and contacted Computyne payroll.

The Challenges:

  • Using payroll software in-house wasn’t really an option for our client due to their minimal payroll knowledge and experience.
  • Slash the rising operational costs of payroll processing while guaranteeing business continuity.

General Benefits:

  • Quick however smooth transition without an on-site visit helped spared time and cost speculations.
  • Employees and clients advantage from proficient payroll and quick turnaround time.
  • In-house staff is liberated from dreary tasks and can concentrate on high-value activities.

The Solutions:

  • Our outsourced payroll service provided our client with the ideal economical solution that would provide for their instant needs but still be able to help them as their business grew.
  • We arranged cost-effective arrangement with price based on the number of workers.
  • Payroll ability and advice on hand without need of employing an in-house payroll expert or keep up to date with legislation changes.
  • We provided up-front process for notifying change in employees and month to month salary data.

Technology / Software Used:

  • CRM System, MS Excel.

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